UK’s Second Largest Construction Company Went Bankrupt


Carillion, the second largest construction company in the UK, has been declared bankrupt.

Carillion, the second largest construction company in the UK after Balfour Beatty, reported that the company went bankrupt in a statement made on its website.

The company had been experiencing financial difficulties since the last year due to the debt reaching 1.5 billion sterling.

In a statement made by the British government, public services currently under construction by the construction company are reportedly going to continue.

“All employees of the company must continue to work, their salaries will continue to be paid, and the workers who carry out public services still have important tasks to pursue,” said Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington. used expressions.

Carillion currently runs the infrastructure, maintenance and repair services of Network Rail, which makes up the majority of the rail system of the country.

A total of 43,000 people are working in the global operations of the company, 20 of which are in the UK.


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