Nikkei 225 fall may lead a global scale sell-off pattern

Nikkei 225 sell off

A global stock sell-off pattern is unleashing

Strangulated Asia Pacific Benchmark stocks are trading aggressively lower followed by their declines in the European as well as US sessions. The Nikkei 225 is around 2.22% down, erasing its previous 0.5% gain and further fall may be upcoming. Market data is also suggesting that the Nikkei 225 might just only be the beginning and it could even lead a decline in the Wall Streets as well, as this is the worst day for Nikkei 225 since October 11th and more weakness is in the way. Followed by a much-potentiated USD rally, Wall street has started showing weakness.

  • Nikkei 225 along with other Asia Pacific benchmark stocks are trading lower
  • Market is intensely focusing on FED, trade wars and political uncertainty in Europe and Australia
  • A S&P 500 fall may be on the table, as AUD and NZD are near-drowning
  • CNH is at risk facing 2018 lows against USD and IDR facing a local rate decision

Nikkei 225 daily chart

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Nikkie 225 daily chart

Australia 200 daily chart

Australia 200 daily

Apart from the decline in Japanese stocks, the South Korean KOSPI has observed a 2.48% fall. China’s Shanghai Composite is 1.37% down and Australia’s ASX200 found itself losing 0.79%. This particular fact was equally matched by the gain in US government bond prices and the investors are more enthusiastic than any time ever regarding the government bond risk being pulled off from the table. Apart from that fact, a downward trend might have been looming large for Dow Jones as well.

Wall Street daily chart

Wall Street Daily chart


Followed by massive geopolitical tension and trade war, it appears that the recent downtrend of Nikkei 225 may continue. Also, it might have just been showing Dow Jones its way downwards as well. The future planning regarding ASX should include a sell-off and the recent future of AUD as well as NZD does not look brightening at all. The future of Chinese stocks seems to be mixed, as Chinese government has planned to increase the tariff over imported US goods, 10% to 25%

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