Markets not gleeful, as stocks losing streak extends

Markets not gleeful, as stock’s losing streak extends

Global scale stock sell-off trending points

  • A stack of stocks worldwide had posted an eighth straight day of decline on December 24th, ahead of a Christmas holiday
  • Wall St. investors kept ignoring Trump administration’s attempts to boost up investor’s confidence and Wall St. had been soured heavily in the short-lived session on December 24th
  • Asian stocks plundered hard, as Nikkei 225 fell in to a 20-months low
  • The European stocks are experiencing a multi-month low and closing in to post its worst year since the global financial crisis of 2008.

Global stock sell-off again made its present known in the hard way, investors remained unnerved

Global stocks had been experiencing a mass-scale slaughtering, as a stack of stocks worldwide had plunged on Monday, the 24thof December, extending their recent leg of sorrows straight in to the eighth day.

The US investors were not listening to the US administration anymore, as market had experienced enough ups and downs earlier this month and Trump Administration remained markedly failed to reinforce the investor’s confidence level. Adding further strain in to the genocide, the US president had labelled Federal Reserve the “only” problem of US economy and there had been informal talks of firing Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

Quoting statistics, the MSCI’s world equity index, which tracks shares of 47 countries, MIWD00000PUS, posted a 1.57 percent plunge and it remained down over the past eight sessions. In fact, the index had breached the lowest level since early 2017.

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US stocks had been acting as fallen knives, as Standard and Poor are an inch away of posting its biggest percentage decline, since the great depression of 2008 and the European stocks had already posted their worst year since the global crisis of 2008.

The Nasdaq composite confirmed a bearish market and had fallen roughly 22 percent from its August 29thhigh, while the Dow Jones Industrial posted a 2.91 percent loss. During the shortened session on Monday, the 24thof December, the S&P drained 2.71 percent and the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite kept falling apart in to the bearish territory, while posing a loss of 2.21 percent.

Dow Jones Industrials daily chart

Dow Jones Industrials daily chart

Nikkei 225 daily chart

Nikkei 225 daily chart

The Asian stocks had been mostly on the red, except Shanghai, who somehow managed to post a 0.2 percent gain. Apart from that, everywhere, there was a sea of red, led by the Japanese Nikkei 225, which had lost over 5 percent and currently had been residing at 19,155.74, in its 20-month low. Britain’s FTSE was down by 0.5 percent.

Bottom Line

Although, most of the brokers only traded in a shorter than expected session and many brokers and investors were off the grid because of upcoming holidays, most of the global shares had extended their dreadful legs for eighth straight days. Apart from the fall of Wall St. due to political chaos and gridlock in the US congress alongside a partial government lockdown, the French and Italian stocks had also posted losses. Asian stocks experienced a heavy ramming, including the third largest economy of the world, Japan’s Nikkei 225. The ASX 200 was 0.48 percent up, echoing the lead of Shanghai, as most of its trade is closely linked with China.

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