Asian Stock Outlook Mixed as Trade War Still In Headlines

Asia stock market

On Monday Afternoon, the Asia Pacific Equity Market Outlook (Asian Stock Outlook) was mixed with trade worries holding off the bullish momentum’s. That 280 billion tariffs over Chinese market is still shoveling up the holes for newer holes, and the market looks pretty frightened. It is not tense as the Asian Market could never get tense as usual and everything happens slowly in Asian stocks, though times should really be frightening for the traders.

Last Friday saw, the US stocks are fading away, as the administration are going to enforce more tariffs on the Chinese imports. Although the story tells to look away, yet, the Nikkei 225 was up 0.2% at the end of the week. ASX200 and Kospi were also in the green.

Yet, Chinese market is really struggling, and it might keep struggling until further steps taken, with Shanghai and Hong Kong down, both 0.7% and 0.8% respectively.

  • As a new week is getting under the way, the Asian Stock Market is truly trend-less.
  • Worries over the trade war are not going to be vanquished any time soon
  • US Dollar is rising higher, looking sharper than ever before, but how long could it manage to keep it going? (Nothing could not be endless)

Here is how the market is holding

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Monday’s economic data were not shaking the market and Chinese inflation was a little higher than expected. Japanese payment balance has been found weaker, although the GDP report is better than anticipated. There is a good demand of Asian currencies in the market and there was very little damage to the Japanese Yen, even in this time of US Dollar uprising (surpassing above 95 zone, looking forward to 96). Monday offers plenty of UK economic data, but the GBP is likely to remain focused in Brexit. GBP/USD is raising a little bit from the latest significant peak of downfall.

GBP/USD trade index

GBP-USD trade index

Here is how Stocks are doing right now

Stock index

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Disclaimer: The content of this article is personal opinion and should not be considered as as investment advise or suggestion towards any trading activity.


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